Canevel Spumanti and Diesel, the iconic international lifestyle fashion brand, present a new CDO Organic Extra Brut Prosecco, a co-branding project by both companies, inspired by a shared vocation for sustainability.

Made exclusively from Glera grapes sourced from selected organic vineyards, The “Casa Canevel- Diesel” Prosecco is the result of a lengthy process pursued naturally with a single fermentation: the vinification and spumante-making process take place continuously, using nothing other than fermented grape must, free from added sucrose. The result is a superior quality wine that fully respects the product’s naturalness and the aromatic component of Glera. The aroma prevails unaltered in the finished product, which is characterised by a triumph of fruity notes of green apples, fresh citrus and white flowers, balanced by a low residual sugar level (5 grams/litre). The perlage is fine and elegant.

Diesel designed the outfit for the new Prosecco, renowned for its innovative and nonconformist aesthetics, conceiving the label and packaging using decisive gold and bright green notes.

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