Magnum 38 Vendemmie Extra Dry
Prosecco Superiore DOCG

500 collectors’ magnums were produced in 2009 to celebrate Canevel’s thirtieth anniversary, made from the winery’s finest grapes. This was the beginning of the tradition of an annual production of prestigious vintage sparkling wine in limited quantity editions.

100% Glera

Organoleptic notes
Appearance: bright straw yellow in colour with a fine, long-lasting perlage.
Nose: fruity aromas of apple and ripe pear with floral notes of acacia and wisteria.
Palate: fresh, fragrant and well balanced.

Pair with
Perfect as an aperitif, it goes very well with light dishes such as antipasti and fish risotto, but also with grilled vegetables and fresh cheeses.

11% VOL.

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